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Celebrating 10 years of the SWCC 5K Run

Posted by DalyGroup on October 26, 2018
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In 2008, Kristin Daly and her neighbors teamed up to create a community building event in Graduate Hospital, aimed at giving back to local schools and neighborhood organizations.

A decade later, we’re proudly celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the SWCC 5K Run this Saturday, October 27th.

We chatted with Kristin to learn more about how the run got started.

“The idea for the run was really that people could walk it, run it, roll it…they could volunteer for it. And it was all about community building and being active together,” says Daly.

Daly credits her neighbors, first clients, and the owners of Sidecar Bar & Grille for their efforts in creating the event.

Since its inception, the run and associating events have raised tens of thousands of dollars for neighborhood organizations. This year, proceeds will again be donated to the Friends of Chester Arthur & Stanton Community Partners in support of projects at these two local schools.

These two organizations were formed by Southwest Center City parents and community members who are committed to partnering with schools to help foster a robust learning environment for children in the neighborhood.

In addition to Daly’s annual support of the SWCC 5K and her generous sponsorship towards projects at St. Mary’s Interparochial School in Washington Square, her team is looking forward to giving back in new ways during the coming year.

“I find myself asking what can I do, what can my team do, what can we all do, to enhance the play experience in schools, for our kids.

I’ve been inspired by the work of my friend and leader, Ivy Olesh, who runs a non-profit called Playworks, which counters bullying on playgrounds through a focus on games, play and skill building…”

“We’re excited about contributing to Playworks in 2019, as well as our continued support of arts organizations in the City,” says Daly.

Daly’s community spirit is rubbing off on her team members too. Last month, her associate Christiana Barile and KW Philly agent, Jen Singley, collaborated on the Love Where You Live neighborhood cleanup series. So far, they’ve held block cleanups in Francisville and Fishtown, with plans for more in the new year.

To learn more or get involved with Playworks, visit their website.

For more information about the SWCC 5k Run, visit their website, or register on site, October 27th, at E.M. Stanton Elementary School – 1700 Christian Street, Philadelphia 19146.

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